Today's Date:
February 12th, 2016

Contact wins another award. This time we won the "Best of the Best" award at the annual Gallery of Superb printing for the Charles van Sandwyk book "Dream Island"

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 File Upload Instructions

Checking over your files before sending them to us will often avoid production delays and added costs to your job. Listed below are just a few of the common things that are often missed.
Have all the high resolution images been included
Have all the fonts used in the job been included
In the case of a multipage document, have you made your pages the finished page size of the document and not as spreads
Have you added 1/8” bleed allowance outside the final trim area
Do you have the colours correct, for example CMYK and not RGB, spot colours are named correctly and consistently
To avoid some of the issues above you can save your file as a high resolution pdf .
Please include as many details in the notes section, such as;
Sales rep name
Job name
Any specific production deadline
Other general information on the job, size, number of pages, quantity etc.
If you are uploading a folder(s) you will need to enable Java on your computer, if you don’t have Java it’s available as a free download from
If you are having any issues uploading you files please contact us directly at 604-980-6052

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